Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wine Clarification -- Gelatin

Gelatin FiningsPowdered gelatin finings is a good red wine fining agent. If red wine has excessive tannins gelatin finings make an excellent fining as it will reduce tannins in addition to clearing the wine. Dosage for gelatin finings can vary considerably based upon the concentration of suspended particles and on the amount of tannins present. Gelatin exhibits good less compactness traits (see December 8, 2007 blog article regarding lees compactness).

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Our speciality is wine as we are a licensed winery and we specialize in WinExpert kits and Cellar Craft kits for our home winemaking customers. We started from square one with the brewing supplies end of the business as I had never brewed beer previously. My first experience was making an Amber Cerveza Brewers Best kit. We carried the Brewers Best line for quite some time but found it a better fit to clone the Brewers Best line with our own BlueStems Best homebrewing ingredients kits.

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