Thursday, December 13, 2007

What's Hot at BlueStem Winery!

BlueStem WineryWhat's hot a BlueStem Winery? Lots of great wine making and beer brewing ingredients kits but not the weather!

It's Iowa! It's winter! Enuf said! I spent part of my day before I opened the store today chipping two inches of ice off the front sidewalk. Obviously the photo at left was taken during warmer times! I cannot wait for spring!

The past days I have been talking about different fining agents for wine. It was a very busy day at the store and on the website today. I spent all morning chipping ice and packaging web sales for shipment. We opened at 11:00 and I spent the rest of the day packaging when I could and waiting on store customers the rest of the time. Tonight . . . well, I am tired . . . and rather than try to be creative and writing an article about LQ Super-Kleer or another fining agent I am just going to list the various WinExpert kits we have at BlueStem for making wine. In days to come, I will also provide our line-up of brewing ingredients with emphasis on our great array of beer brewing ingredients kits known as BlueStems Best, and our great line-up of Cellar Craft kits for wine making.

Links are provided to our website so that you can read the description on each of our kits.

We offer the following WinExpert ingredent kits:

Selection Estate Washington Columbia Valley Riesling
Selection Estate Sonoma Dry Creek Valley Unwooded Chardonnay
Selection Estate Yamhill County Pinot Gris
Selection Estate Lodi Old Vines Zinfandel
Selection Estate Washington Columbia Valley Cabernet Franc-Merlot
Selection Estate Napa Valley Stag's Leap District Merlot
Selection Original Viognier (aka known as Selection Premium)
Selection Original Gewurztraminer
Selection Original Liebfraumilch
Selection Original Piesporter
Selection Original Sauvignon Blanc
Selection Original Chardonnay-Semillon
Selection Original Johannisberg Riesling
Selection Original Barolo
Selection Original Pinot Noir
Selection Original Cabernet Sauvignon
Selection Original Merlot
Selection Original Symphony
Selection Original Luna Rossa
Selection Original White Zinfandel
Selection Original Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot
Selection Original Chianti
Selection Original Domaine des Brumes (Brouilly)
Selection Original White Merlot
Selection International Italian Pinot Grigio
Selection International German Muller-Thurgau
Selection International Australian Chardonnay
Selection International French Merlot
Selection International Chilean Merlot
Selection International Spanish Rioja
Selection International Australian Cabernet-Shiraz
Selection International Italian Montepulciano
Selection International Italian Amarone
Vintners Reserve Gewurztraminer
Vintners Reserve Chamblais (Chablis)
Vintners Reserve Liebfraumilch
Vintners Reserve Riesling
Vintners Reserve Sauvignon Blanc
Vintners Reserve Bourgeron Blanc (White Burgundy)
Vintners Reserve Bordailles Blanc (White Bordeaux)
Vintners Reserve Piesporter
Vintners Reserve Chardonnay
Vintners Reserve Bordailles Rouge (Red Bordeaux)
Vintners Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintners Reserve Bourgeron Rouge (Red Burgundy)
Vintners Reserve White Zinfandel
Vintners Reserve Blush
Vintners Reserve Bergamais (Beaujolais)
Vintners Reserve Pinot Noir
Vintners Reserve Merlot
Vintners Reserve Barolo
Vintners Reserve Shiraz
Vintners Reserve Zinfandel
Selection Speciale Millennium Sparkling Wine
Selection Speciale Port
Selection Speciale Riesling Icewine Style
Selection Speciale Cream Sherry
Selection Speciale Dry Sherry
Selection Speciale Cabernet Franc Icewine Style
Vintners Reserve World Vineyard Australian Chardonnay
Vintners Reserve World Vineyard California Zinfandel-Shiraz
Vintners Reserve World Vineyard Chilean Merlot
Island Mist Peach Apricot Chardonnay
Island Mist Exotic Fruits White Zinfandel
Island Mist Black Raspberry Merlot
Island Mist Green Apple Riesling
Island Mist Strawberry White Merlot
Island Mist Blackberry Cabernet
Island Mist Mango Citrus Symphony
Island Mist Kiwi Pear Sauvignon Blanc
Island Mist Blueberry Pinot Noir

Visit BlueStem Winery's website for all the winemaking supplies and wine making equipment you need for your home winemaking hobby plus check out our beer brewing ingredients, brewing supplies and home brew equipment in the beer making section of our website. BlueStem would very much like to be your home wine making and home brew equipment, supplies and ingredients supplier. Friendly service, knowledgeable advice and prompt shipping are how we want you to remember BlueStem Winery.

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