Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wine Clarification -- Filtration

Mini-Jet Filter SystemThe final method of wine clarification for home winemaking that we will discuss is filtration.

To filter or not to filter is a frequent debate among wine makers. Some believe that when wine is filtered that the process removes flavor and color from the wine and the fact is that high quality wines are most often not filtered and that wines will maintain a higher level of quality if they are fined and not filtered.

Lower quality wines are usually produced with the intention of bringing them to market quickly and the purchaser of this type of wine does not like sediment deposits in their wine. Purchasers of high quality wines realize that the wines which have been aged for a significant length of time will throw sediment.

When wine making and when the intention is to filter your wine, this process is typically done after the wine has been stabilized and has been aged. Filtration is the immediate prelude to bottling.

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