Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Today I cut the cord on Samsung! Literally! We (my wife and I) purchased an over-the-range Samsung microwave oven a couple of months ago. It took us a few weeks to get a carpenter hired to install the microwave and when it was installed (after removing half of our kitchen cupboards to install it) the fan would not quit running.

I called the Samsung Customer Care Center in New Jersey and was, after several phone calls, told that Samsung did not have a service tech within our area and so our only choices were to return the microwave for exchange or to get a cash refund. Neither of these choices was really acceptable as they kind of ignored the fact that they had sold me a piece of junk, could not service it (apparently) and it was just my tough luck that I had hired a carpenter to install it, then to have it removed, and then to reinstall another one. Basically it comes down to the fact that I will have more in carpenter expenses then what the microwave cost to begin with by the time we get done.

We opted for the refund (don't want another Samsung product -- ever!) and were told that it was only going to take them 5 or 6 weeks to process the refund. They can build another thousand or so defective microwaves during that length of time but they cannot write a check any too fast. So today, at Samsung's instruction, I literally cut the cord off the microwave and mailed it to them (apparently they don't want me to attempt to fix the thing!). Now I can also pay to dispose of the thing at the land fill! Go Green, Samsung!!

I think it takes a lot of moxie to actually call their service center a Customer Care center because I have never seen a company who really cared less about their customers (or in my case, former customer!). Never . . . never . . . never again will I purchase anything that says Samsung on it. They probably make a good product, at least occasionally, but I don't want to ever have to deal with the people in New Jersey again. For once, I wouldn't mind a company moving a few jobs to India or wherever.

What makes me mad is that there are companies who treat their customers like this. Well, rest assured that our company does not treat our clients in any way even remotely similar to the way Samsung treated us. We pride ourselves on friendly, knowledgeable, and honest dealings with our customers . . . before, during and after the sale!

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