Monday, December 10, 2007

Wine Clarification -- Egg Whites

One common household item that works well for fining red wines is egg whites. Egg whites are not suitable for fining white wines. Egg whites provide good lees compactness (see blog article from December 8, 2007).

The use of egg whites for fining wines is usually appropriate only for wines made from grapes. Egg whites help alleviate astringent flavors from your wine.

The procedure for using egg whites as a fining agent is as follows:

1. Separate the egg white from the yolk (use 1 to 2 egg whites per 100 liters of wine).
2. Add the whites to salt water (dissolve a pinch of salt in 100mL of water for each egg white used).
3. Add mixture to wine and stir thoroughly.
4. Rack wine not later than 7-10 days after addition of egg whites.

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