Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cellar Craft Showcase Pinot Gris

Our first Cellar Craft International order is going in this afternoon. Maybe you thought we were not going to order any white wine kits? Well, here is the first (of several) that will be available in the store (or on the web at beginning approximately August 15, 2007.

Our first white wine is Cellar Craft Showcase Pinot Gris.

This wonderful wine showcases notes of green apples and lemons over a backdrop of florals and honey. The rich mouth-feel of this wine lingers with sensations of tangy fruit with just a hint of sweet.

This wine's full character and charm will be apparent after only three to four months of bottle aging and will cellar well for approximately 18 months. This wine should be served slightly chilled and pairs well with foods rich in butter and oils, garlic and spices. Consider this wine to accompany shrimp, crab and fish dishes, rich pastas, chicken and almost any Chinese or Thai dish.

Besides great wine making ingredient kits from both Cellar Craft and WinExpert, BlueStem Winery offers a complete line of winemaking equipment, ingredients, and supplies together with all of the necessities for the homebrew enthusiast. Look for us on the web at and check out our current newsletter for any specials in progress. Remember that on our site the shipping expense is included in the cost of the merchandise and there is only a small handling fee (currently $6) in addition to the total of your purchases.eed.

We offer great service, fair prices and all the free advice you ask for.

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