Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cellar Craft Showcase Cabernet-Shiraz

Well, tomorrow is the day we are on track to place our first order with Cellar Craft International for their line of super quality wine making ingredient kits. As we have said before, we at BlueStem Winery are excited about putting these fantastic kits into your inventory for all of you home winemakers. You should be able to order these kits off our website by approximately August 15, 2007. Visit us at www.bluestemwine.com for a complete look at our Cellar Craft lineup of kits for making wine!

Today we are showcasing another of the winemaking kits from Cellar Craft that we will be having in inventory shortly: Showcase Cabernet-Shiraz.

The varietal stock for this great wine comes from the Yakima Valley of Washington State. The Cabernet and Shiraz grapes of the Yakima Valley have been compared favorably to the great wines of Australia but they have their own sophisticated charm. If you enjoy the wines of Australia you will want to try these super wines from Yakima Valley.

Showcase Cabernet-Shiraz comes at you with a blast of blackberry, plum, cherry and candied orange fragrances and this is followed by flavors of currant, fig, cedar and spice interlaced a beautiful balance of toasted oak. The wine finishes rich and elegant.

The powerful fruit flavors of this wine will come together in about two to three months. After six to twelve months the tannins soften and the elegant charm of this wine really starts to appear. This wine can be cellared for two years or more.

Besides winemaking equipment, supplies, ingredients and winemaking ingredient kits, BlueStem also has for sale on its website a complete line of home brewing supplies, equipment, ingredients and brewing ingredient kits. We look forward to hearing from you at www.bluestemwine.com. Sign up for our newsletter and receive discount offers via the newsletter.

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