Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cellar Craft & WinExpert Wine Kits - Rule 4

Italian Reserva NebbioloOur next rule when making WinExpert or Cellar Craft winemaking ingredient kits is that you need to fill the primary fermenter to the proper level with good, clean water. What I mean here is that if you are making a six gallon (23L) wine kit you need to make sure that you have the primary fermenter full to the six gallon mark.

If you put an excess amount of water into your mix you will lower the specific gravity (which reduces the potential alcohol of your wine) and it will also dilute the body characteristics (your wine will be less full-bodied).

If your intent is to make a more full-bodied wine and you intentionally underfill your fermenter there are a whole different set of potential consequences. Wine kits are manufactured with a certain quantity of wine (30 bottles normally) being the intent. Acid levels in the wine are balanced with this in mind. Underfilling your primary fermenter may cause your finished product to be overly acidic. There are other possible consequences as well including the disruption of the typical fermentation process.

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