Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bad Business on the Internet

This post has absolutely nothing to do with wine. It has to do with the risk you run when you do business with less than reputable companies on the web (and on eBay).

This is all about a company in Elkton, Virginia that sells parts for Mustangs and Fords. My guess is this company is not the star member of the Elkton Chamber of Commerce! After reading absolutely tons of information (all bad!) about these folks it is a wonder that these folks have any business whatsoever!

We purchased a relatively cheap part for a Mustang we own (a pair of motor mounts). Like I said, they were cheap and they were cheaply made. But my complaint is not about the product, it is about the way we were treated!

Five days after purchase (on eBay) we had not heard a peep from them. Payment had been made immediately after the purchase was made and this was acknowledged by the seller. I e-mailed to ask about the part. I forgot that my e-mail was done on my work computer and so they did not have a record of my purchase. A rather curt e-mail informed me that I did not exist as a customer of theirs. I e-mailed back what my name was and was then informed that I had received an autoreply after purchase and had also received notice of pending delivery from UPS. Neither of these events had happened and I was then informed that I had too many filters on my e-mail. Not so as we operate a business and I receive e-mails from everyone--most of which I would not get!

John (if this guy is an owner he sure doesn't believe in the customer being right--ever) then said he would contact UPS and have the shipment returned to them. Well, the item was already on the truck and was delivered to us about 3 hours later. But, John decided that negative feedback was in order (I am now the worst of the worst on eBay). This was our first negative feedback after over 5,000 eBay sales (maybe we should just sell, not buy!). Then, to top it off, he files a non-paying bidder notice with eBay (like I don't have enough proof that this is a lie!) and requests his eBay commissions to be refunded. I guess business is so good in Elkton, Virginia that he doesn't need to sell on eBay. We have now turned him in for fraud, filed two complaints with the Western Virginia Better Business Bureau and another with the Chamber of Commerce.

Now, today, he opens fraudulent websites (at least 3 of them) using names very similar to our website name and using my personal name and is attempting to re-direct traffic away from our website.

Contemplating doing business with anyone selling Mustang or Ford parts in Elkton, Virginia? Do a little web research and see what everyone has to say about this company--they will be easy to find as Elkton is a burg of about 2,000. After reading the information out there I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to do business with these people! Do a search and find a myriad of similar experiences related by others out there. It only took me a few minutes to find a pile of them!

We are legitimate and we are on the web at with a complete line of wine and beer making supplies and unlike others, we treat our customers with respect.

Do what you can to stop this sort of web business--patronize other businesses.

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