Monday, November 26, 2007

Featured Wine Ingredient Kit -- Cellar Craft Regional Classics Washington State White Merlot

Washington State White MerlotThis salmon colored Washington State White Merlot is one of the wines in Cellar Craft's Regional Classics white wine collection.

All the essence of a fine Merlot but with the freshness and softness that comes from juice which is quickly separated from the skins. Incredibly fruity! This is a blush wine you simply must try!

Are you interested in making really fine wine at home? BlueStem Winery has the winemaking equipment you need plus we stock a very large selection of WinExpert kits and Cellar Craft kits for your wine making enjoyment!

If you prefer to home brew, BlueStem also stocks a complete line of homebrewing supplies and home brew equipment. Beer brewing ingredients stocked include malts (grain, liquid and dry), yeast, hops and other additives.

Whether is its home brewing supplies, brewing ingredients or the stuff you need for making wine, we hope you will look to BlueStem Winery for your hobby needs.

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