Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Featured Wine Ingredient Kit -- Cellar Craft Showcase Cabernet-Merlot

Cellar Craft Showcase Walla Walla Cabernet-MerlotBare Ridge Vineyard in Walla Walla, Washington is the grape source for Cellar Craft Showcase Walla Walla Cabernet-Merlot. Walla Walla reds were what first put Washington on the world wine map. Washington reds are now grouped with world standard reds from Bordeaux, Napa and Sonoma. Walla Walla Cabernets and Merlots are consistently in the top ten of the finest wines from America.

This wine is a classic Bordeaux blend of Cabernet and Merlot but it also typifies the unique Walla Walla profile of intense fruit and spice flavors and aromatics. Subtle currant, cherry and plum notes are backed by hints of black pepper, anise and coffee. The wine is oaked in a two-stage process using French and Hungarian oaks which very nicely mellows the tannins and adds jut a hint of toastiness.

BlueStem Winery features both Cellar Craft kits and WinExpert kits in their wine making product inventory. We also feature a complete line of winemaking supplies and brewing equipment in our Parkersburg, Iowa store.

Beer brewing supplies and winemaking equipment are available Wednesday through Saturday from 11-5 or Sunday Noon-4 at the storefront location or on BlueStem Winery's website 24/7.

Just got to have some homebrewing supplies or homebrew equipment and its Monday or Tuesday? Give us a call! We are usually in the store working with our wine or packaging internet sales. If we are in the store we are open for business!

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