Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Acidity in Wine: Part 2

Recommended acidity levels in wine varies by the type of wine being made and also by the sweetness level the winemaker is aiming for. This is not to say that individual vintners cannot vary from the recommended levels based upon their own taste.

Sweeter wines will tolerate higher levels of acidity as the sugar masks the acid present in the wine.

The level of acidity that BlueStem Winery recommends for various styles and sweetness levels is:

Dry white grape wines in the .65% to .75% range, dry red grape wines in the .60% to .70% range, sweet white grape wines in the .70% to .85% range, and sweet red grape wines in the .65% to .80% range. White wines which are made from fruits or vegetables other than grapes should be in the .55% to .65% range and non-grape red wines should be in the .50% to .60% range. These percentages are what is known as titratable acidity (or T.A.) and represent acidity as a percentage of total volume.

As mentioned in our first article about acidity in wine, you can be less concerned about the acidity in your wine if you are making your wine from a commercial wine kit such as the WinExpert or Cellar Craft wine kits sold on the BlueStem Winery website as the acid levels have been balanced during the manufacturing process. More about acids in wine with our next blog article.

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