Saturday, February 9, 2008

Acid Reduction by Blending

When you are attempting to increase (or decrease) the acidity of wine by blending two wines together, the first step is to determine the titratable acidity (TA) of both wines. The second step in this process is to determine the volume required of the blend wine which will be required to raise (or lower) the TA of the wine you are trying to alter.

The formula for determining the volume of blend wine required is:

Z = X * (DTA - W) / (Y - DTA) where

DTA = Desired Total Acidity
W = TA goal of wine to be modified
X = Volume of wine to be modified
Y = TA of blend wine
Z = Volume of blend wine

Example: If you had 6 gallons of wine (X) with an existing TA of 6.2 and you desired to raise the TA of this wine to 6.5 (DTA) by blending an unknown volume of wine (Z) which has a TA of 7 (Y) your formula would look like this:

Z = 6 * (6.5 - 6.2) / (7 - 6.5) or

Z = (6 * .3) / .5 or

Z = 1.8 / .5 or

Z = 3.6 gallons of blend wine with a TA of 7 will be required to increase the TA of our 6 gallon batch of wine with an existing TA of 6.2 to our desired TA of 6.5.

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